40x-640x Transmission Microscope & Carry

Bresser Junior
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BRESSER JUNIOR 40x-640x microscope with accessories and carry case

Your journey into the microcosm starts with this microscope!

The BRESSER JUNIOR microscope 40x-640x is perfect for beginners to explore the microcosm ! The extensive range of accessories

supplied also includes some ready-made preparations so that you can get started right away. Also included is a complete set of dissection kits so that you can create many more interesting dissections yourself.

The practical carrying case allows you to take your microscope with you anywhere and share your observations with friends and family at any time

Your journey into the microcosm starts with this microscope!



* LED transmitted light
* Height-adjustable object table
* Aperture wheel for adjusting the light beam
* Specimen clamps for attaching specimens
* Can be used anywhere thanks to battery operation
* Low weight, therefore ideal for mobile use
* Zoom eyepiece
* Extensive range of accessories for a quick start in microscopy



1x microscope
3x AA batteries
practical transport case
Cover slips & slides
permanent preparations
sea ​​salt
shrimp eggs
Enclosure media gum media
empty sample container
Microscope cutlery
Aperture wheel/ filter disc
measuring cylinder
Shrimp hatchery
MicroCut for creating preparations
petri dish
operation manual