About Bresser


This is an attitude of colourful multicultural cooperation that recognises the best qualities of nations, but know their limitations. We come from different origins, with different sensitivities, but we join forces with a common goal. Our differences become a great advantage, because the products we can create are rich in experience.

We are one step ahead when it comes to ideas that enable a clear and unmistakable view of the future. We take on new challenges that require intelligence, imagination, competence and commitment.
We are responsive and understand and develop products to improve the quality of life or to gain scientific knowledge.
We are a company based on cooperation. Cooperation means being open and sensitive to concerns of others, understanding and respecting differences. 
Our commitment through donations is intended to impart knowledge to young people, bring them closer to nature to broaden their horizons and of course inspire the ‘young scientist’.
It is important that we give our success to the region and to those in need. We want people to benefit from our successes and we want to assume social responsibility as a whole.