RDP1001 Projection Clock - Black

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A great value projection alarm clock with a simple yet functional design, this projection clock is both easy to read and operate. The LCD screen displays the current time, day and indoor temperature in large digit making a quick glance at the time easy. An adjustable projection arm with 180 degree flip projection image means you can project the time on a wall, ceiling or any angle that suits your eye level. With a simple tap on the snooze/light button the time is projected onto your wall/ceiling.


  • Time projection with 180°flip Temperature display in C/ F
  • 12/24 hours selectable
  • Alarm and date display changeable temperature and week day display changeable
  • Five languages week day display : GE, EN, FR, IT, DU
  • Alarm with snooze function
  • Blue backlight
  • Batteries included, A/C adaptor optional
  • 3 Year Warranty 

Dimensions: W100 x H72 x D25mm